More than two years ago, we successfully launched Flic on Indiegogo. To date, we have sold and delivered over 200,000 Flic buttons globally.

Now, we’re at it again. The Flic Hub is ready to be released on Indiegogo!

Our most requested improvement
The Flic Hub makes Flic even better than before. It brings WiFi connectivity to Flic so that anyone in your home or office can use the same little smart button, at any time.

Flic Hub Logo

No need for a smartphone
Until now, Flic has always required the Flic App to run on a smartphone (or a Mac) nearby. We want everyone to be able to use Flic, not only the person that configured it in the first place.

With the Flic Hub, you will no longer need a smartphone nearby to use Flic. We put the Flic app on a small computer that you plug into the wall. The Hub has WiFi-connection and links your Flics directly to the internet or your locally connected things.

Perfect connectivity
We designed the Flic Hub ourselves, and thereby own the end-to-end connection between the Hub and Flic. This means that we no longer have to rely on the quality of your smartphone’s Bluetooth – it’s unreliable and buggy nature have caused our developers a lot of gray hairs over the years.

The Flic Hub has significantly better connectivity than any smartphone out there, optimized for Flic and your smart home. With double custom Bluetooth chips, The Flic Hub can connect to 64 Flic buttons, Bluetooth speakers, and smartphones at the same time, with next-to-zero delay.

Flic Hub IR Blaster

Control thousands of devices with IR
Let’s face it: our favorite home equipment is not always that smart and connected. With the Flic Hub’s optional Infra Red (IR) accessory, you will be able to control even your old stuff.

Connect the IR accessory to the Flic Hub and point it to your legacy TV and HiFi equipment. The IR accessory will act just like your old remote control. Now, you can use Flic to turn on your TV, set that amplifier to the right input mode or to switch on your Air Conditioner.

Crowdfunding the production
Hardware is expensive, with all the tools and certifications needed. We are asking for your support once again to fund the production. If you preorder the Flic Hub, you will get it first of all, for a very discounted price, months before it will be available in retail.

The Flic Hub will ship already in October, provided that we can raise the money needed. Compared to most crowdfunding projects, this is a very safe bet – we know hardware and have already successfully shipped hundreds of thousands of products.

We have learned so much during these years, and we have expanded the team a lot since our first crowdfunding campaign.

Sign up for the launch
Make sure you sign up at to participate in the launch. When you sign up, you will be directed to a sharing campaign. If you choose to share our campaign with your friends, you will be able to reap some generous gifts.

Love, Joacim

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