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Our mission

Flic's mission is to reduce complex interactions with technology to a simple button push. We believe that the best products in the world are the ones you don't have to think about - the ones that are just there in the background serving you.

Flic products are not meant to be noticed - they are just there to serve, be pushed, and work so well that you never have to think about them.

Our products

We design and engineer all Flic products in Sweden and work together with world-class partners in Taiwan and Malaysia to manufacture them.

We take pride in making the user experience of other services better, and we specialize in quality, connectivity reliability, user-friendliness and perhaps most important of all: the feeling of pushing a button.

Three successful crowdfundings

We invented the term "Smart Button" when we launched the first iteration of Flic on Indiegogo in 2014.Thanks to over 13,000 early brackets, we created Flic 1 and shipped out ten thousands of Flic 1 buttons the year after.

Since then, well over half million buttons have found their home all round the world.

Flic buttons can be found in people's homes, in offices, in warehouses, hotels and retail stores, in cars, trucks, and boats, on motorcycles and bicycles, in fishing rods, on musical instruments, attached to clothing and much more.

During the years, Flic has stayed razor-focused on its mission, with several product launches and solutions released that imporves the Flic ecosystem.

Our Team

Flic is run by Shortcut Labs AB and is the company's only operation. Shortcut Labs AB was established in 2013 and is a privately held company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Employees are all around the world.

The company's founders are Joacim Westlund and Amir Sharifat and the team is lead by Daniel Abdiu, the CEO.

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Amir Sharifat


Daniel Abdiu


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114 28 Stockholm