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Fitness Apps

With Flic you can start and stop tracking your workout with:
- Runkeeper
- Jawbone
- Strava


Connect your Spotify account to the Flic app in your device to:
- Play / Pause Music
- Next Song
- Previous Song


Choose from hundreds of Applets on IFTTT to do things like:
- Send a message
- Log time in a spreadsheet
- Track your activity
- And many more!

From Our Community

"I run as often as I can, and I always listen to music, but sometimes a song comes on that doesn't fit the mood. Being able to skip to the next song with this bluetooth button without touching my phone is amazing."
- Kyle

"I post yoga videos on my forum on a monthly basis, but I can't afford buying fancy recording equipment, so for now I just use my phone. Being able to start and stop the camera with Flic has made everything a lot smoother! I am very happy with it!"
- Rachel

"I always do a sprint at the end of my 10km run, and fiddling with my phone to stop the tracking was always frustrating. Being able to just press Flic when I am done has really made a positive difference!"
- Elsa

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