Smart Home Made Simple

Push the Flic button to control your lights, speakers,
thermostats and much more.


Explore More with Flic

Smart Lights

Flic gives you control of your smart lights and their scene settings:
- Philips Hue
- Lightify


With Flic you have easy control of your music on:
- Bose Soundtouch
- Samsung Multiroom

Smart Hubs

Control hundreds of smart devices through your smart hubs:
- Wink
- Harmony Hub (Logitech)


Control the weather in your home with ecobee thermostat:
- Set climate to Home, Away or Sleep
- Turn on fan
- Resume your current program


Connect your Spotify account to the Flic app in your device to:
- Play / Pause Music
- Next Song
- Previous Song


Choose from hundreds of Applets on IFTTT to do things like:
- Send a message that dinner is ready
- Turn off electronics
- And Many More

From Our Community

This little button is fantastic. I come home, press it ONCE and my favorite light scene comes on, my favorite lounge music starts playing and the thermostat is set to home!
- Jeff

I have recently turned my home into a smart home, but it took forever to change the settings on all the devices. With Flic I can change all the settings of my smart devices at once!
- Jessica

Flic actually works really nicely to set a romantic mood. I turn the lights down, turn on some romantic music and get a video of a fireplace going on my TV. It's prefect!
- Lucas

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