Smartphones and Driving is Bad News

Remotely control your navigation, music, incoming calls and more with the simple push of bluetooth connected Flic smart button.


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Connect your Spotify account to the Flic app in your device to:
- Play / Pause Music
- Next Song
- Previous Song


Set your most used destinations and easily start your navigation:
- Start Navigating Home
- Start Navigating to Work
- Start Navigating to School


Choose from hundreds of Applets on IFTTT to do things like:
- Send a message
- Track your journey
- Add time and location to a note
- And many more!

From Our Community

"I enjoy using my Flic in the car, mainly because it keeps my stress levels down when I am running late, as I can effortlessly send a text to my husband saying that."
- Stephanie

"My kids always nag me to jump to the next song in the car, since I bought Flic they can easily control the music from the backseat."
- Mark

"I have the worst sense of direction. No matter where I go I always have to use my navigation system. With Flic I can do that simply by pressing the button."
- Björn

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