Sales Administrator

Flic has two goals; to become Stockholm’s most attractive hardware development company and to make digital services more accessible and easier to use.

Why you should apply:

  • Join a growing and maturing tech business with large opportunities for growth and development
  • Work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment with a talented team
  • Collaborate with key customers around the world in a wide range of disciplines
  • Gain experience in sales administration and business development

Where you fit in:

In our Stockholm villa, we make innovative physical controllers such as smart, wireless buttons that anyone can use and understand. By providing simple interfaces, we help simplify lives.

Flic is a B2C consumer electronics brand in one part and a rapidly growing B2B business in one part. As a Sales Administrator, your responsibility is the B2B part, where you will often be the main contact with our largest business clients. You have the opportunity to realize your ideas and strategies to make our B2B into something stellar. Imagine what you can use a button for in any industry you have touched. That’s where the opportunity lies.

As an entrepreneurial-minded person with a passion for sales, tech, and customers, you will be part of a team that will rely on you and your decisions to take our sales to the next level. Our B2B solutions are used by companies all over the world, with customers ranging from Fortune 50 companies to smaller innovative companies.

What are we looking for:

We are looking for a hungry and efficient administration-focused salesperson, likely with a recent education in economics, business administration, or similar. You may be fresh from school, or you may have years of experience. The important thing is that you are great in administration, have a high speed, are keen to learn, and are high in energy.

Please mention “Simplify Lives” in your application so we know you have read this far.

The position is hybrid, and you are welcome to work from home half the time. However, a Stockholm presence is required. Excellent English, verbally and in writing, is also required.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Sales Administration- Communicate and build relationships with key customers around the world in a wide range of disciplines
    – Manage and administrate incoming orders from returning customers in everything from understanding customer requirements, ensuring orders are created and shipped, creating and sending invoices, and following up on payments.
    – Delegate incoming questions from leads and new customers to the sales and technical teams
    – Open doors by finding and reaching out to new prospective clients
    – Crafting and managing sales data to support production planning and strategy.
  • Business development- Identify, measure, and report on key metrics in sales and marketing
    – Improve the internal sales processes
    – Work with marketing to improve business communication
    – Administrate marketing content and internal business documents
    – Manage automated marketing tools and CRM
  • Assist in Customer Success Management and Logistics.

If you are a motivated and hardworking individual looking to grow your career in a dynamic tech business, apply now!