Head of Marketing

You may not realize it at first sight. But for a creative but execution-savvy marketer such as yourself, Flic may be one of the most rewarding products imaginable to work with.

Here is an opportunity to make a large, highly visible impact. The company is ten years old, has just turned profitable, and is in the most exciting growth phase ever. Partly, we’re a recognizable international B2C brand with untouched markets, brand-new, unique, and innovative products, and a rapidly changing market climate full of competition and opportunity. Partly, we have over 140 returning business clients worldwide that use our products integrated into their systems and apps in a wide variety of use cases.

As our Head of Marketing, it’s your job to make customers and businesses around the world realize why they need a small and wireless button.

Flic is a unique product that offers endless possibilities for creative marketing. The concept of a button that can be placed anywhere and configured to perform various actions is inherently interesting and engaging, which opens up a lot of room for storytelling, humor, and entertainment in marketing campaigns.

Flic buttons can be used in a wide range of situations and settings, from the practical (such as making it easier to control your smart home), to the playful (such as using them in games), to the serious (such as using them as a safety alarm), to the business critical (such as stop buttons on manufacturing floors). The small size and round shape of the buttons make them a great design feature and they can be used in a playful manner to create engaging visuals and graphics. Because of the simplicity of the concept behind them, it is easy for people to grasp the utility of the product and imagine how it might be useful in their own lives.

What you will do:

You will work in creative ways, often very hands on, to reach and exceed the business goals directly addressable from a marketing perspective, such as D2C sales, website traffic, B2B incoming leads, and community size. You will start off managing a 2 person team of brilliant junior marketers plus ads and web management consultants, and a tight marketing budget. As we grow, your budget and team size will grow as well.

Besides managing and developing the team and executing your tactics, you will also set the marketing strategy together with management and ensure that our brand and market position are as optimized as possible.


  • Education in marketing or similar, probably.
  • Great people skills
  • A couple of proof points in previous work that shows us why you are or will become one of the world’s top marketers.
  • Eagerness to “get your hands dirty” within marketing
  • Proficiency in common marketing tools (e.g., ad managers, SEO, automation, lead generation)
  • Excellent English in speech and text. Experience in copywriting in English.

“We don’t hire smart people and tell them what to do, we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”

Please mention who famously said that in your application so we know you have read this far. For this role, the quote is very true – there is no marketing playbook or guide on how to sell Flic buttons. It’s a challenge that only the best marketers can thrive in.

If you have worked for a large corporation for the last five or so years, spent your entire career in agencies, or are changing jobs just to boost your salary, we’re probably not a good match for you.