Flic App Partner Program

Step 1

Integrate Flic SDK

Step 2

Apply to join the Flic Partner Program


You Launch. We take care of the rest


  • Integrate the Flic SDK
  • Apply to join the Flic Partner Program
  • Announce it to your users
  • Receive up to 40% commission on each sale


  • Setup a custom checkout page for your Flic customers
  • Calculate worldwide shipping costs
  • Process payments
  • Email order confirmation to your customers
  • Fulfill your customer orders
  • Manage customs
  • Make sure the product is legally compliant
  • Handle returns
  • Handle hardware related support
  • Provide you with renders and photos of the products
  • Make sure that you can focus on building your app and community

Integrate in 6 simple steps

We offer tutorials, sample projects and detailed documentation to make the integration process as easy as possible.

Flic Developer Portal

Three Triggers. Endless Combinations

Simplify the everyday repetitive actions in your app and allow your users to better and easier interact with your app. With three triggers you can preselect them for your users or allow them to customise what they want to do on each trigger.


Double Push


Made for You

Flic is designed to be timeless with its mobility and reusability.

Sticks to any Surface

Re-usable micro-suction cups works like a magnet but for any surface.

Replaceable Battery

Flic 2 last for years on a standard coin cell battery that can be easily changed.

Rigid Metal Clip

Attach to clothes or key ring for easy access on the go with the clip accessory.

World Wide Coverage

With three strategically placed warehouse locations we can deliver to your customers on every continent.

Our Packages

Startup Costs$0$0
Price for your usersStandard Flic pricingFlexible
Multi PacksAvailible in multiples of 3Available upon request
Your commissionUp to 40%Up to 33%
What's the differenceOpen for everyoneLimited acceptance
Where do I sign up?Apply hereApply here

Why Should I Apply?

Who is it for?

The Flic Partner Program is mainly intended for app developers/software companies that are unfamiliar with hardware, fulfillment, global logistics, customs and returns.

What do I get?

By joining the Flic Partner Program we take care of all of the above for you, so that you can focus on your app while being able to offer a great hardware companion that brings value to your app and users.

What does it cost?

There are no costs involved with joining or being part the program. You increase the value of your app by enabling it with a wireless button for repetitive tasks. For each purchase your users make we will share the revenue with you.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, our partners have been great marketing channels which is why we decided to start this program. You create added value for your users, you gain a new revenue channel, we get a new marketing channel.

We just need Flics

For bulk purchase inquiries click here

Questions Before You Apply?