Simplify Life

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Control anything with a push

Smart buttons and dials that anyone can understand.
Small &
Easy to setup in
any home
Place anywhere
with no wires
No Apps
No microphones
Smart Home made Easy
Flic works with your home, the way you and your family wants it.
And many more ...

Flic Twist

The Wireless Dial for your Smart Home. Control lights, music, and more without voice or apps.
Intuitive for the whole family
Completely wireless
Wildly configurable
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Flic Smart Button

Control anything with a push
Smart buttons that are easy to setup
Replace your apps or voice commands
Simple to use for everyone
Discover Flic 2
“Flic is the simplest to use and best performing of an ever-growing area in the smart home world: smart buttons.”
“Our home has been smarted up to the hilt, but the one device I find most satisfying to use is the Flic 2 Smart Button.”
“Flic is creating value in the physical Internet-of-Things world, where we as consumers demand greater connectivity within our surroundings and more user-centric experiences.”

Buttons at Home

Smart Home Control - Lights, music, and appliances at the push of a button. Keep it simple for even the youngest family members to understand. Or go advanced with Flic’s endless configuration possibilities. Make it clear what each button does with icon stickers.

Philips Hue
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Smart Light Switch
Place it wherever you and your family wants it.
Simple Music Control
Play, mute, and skip. No apps or voice commands needed.
Your Full Routines
A simple push gets all things and services to work for you.
“Finally got the new generation. Its quicker, has better response, longer range and battery. I even got my wife and kids to use them!”
Anders Granholm
“I got a Flic 2 for my husband to change the music sheets from his trombone and he is obsessed with it”
Leah Norris

Buttons at Work

Clarify workplaces and simplify work processes with buttons. A Flic button can control practically anything connected to the internet, any paired computer or smart device.

If This Then That
Microsoft Flow
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Tiny Clicker
Push to change slide and push twice to go back.
Daily Standup
Notify your team with a ping when it’s time to gather.
Order Coffee
Let the receptionist know to bring coffee to the meeting.
A powerful and flexible way of controlling your smart devices.
"I’m going to have to exercise significant self-control not to rush out to buy a whole bunch more and start sticking them to every available surface in the apartment!"
"Amazon Dash, but for routines."

Buttons for Business

Integrate Flic buttons to your app or business system. Hand out pre-configured Flic buttons with your design.

business solutions

Three triggers. Endless Combinations

Smart light switch on push, smart music switch on double push, and wake-up routine on hold. It is never complicated to send a command with a Flic button.


Double Push


Upgrade & Simplify Your Life

Leave home with confidence
  • Turn off all smart lights, smart plugs, sounds and TV
  • Lower the temperature and close the window blinds
  • Send a message to work or have a valet bring your car
  • Place buttons by your door and free yourself from worries every morning
Kickstart Your Morning
  • Brew coffee while starting your morning exercise routine
  • Turn on the morning news or inspiring music
  • Avoid the distractions of looking at your phone
  • Avoid voice commands that could wake your partner up
No frills mood control
  • Turn on sound and entertainment with a simple push
  • Let the temperature be at your fingertips
  • Impress your guests and get them in the right mood instantly